Olive Coffee.
Olive People.

Olive was founded in 2021, with a desire to serve.  While coffee is our avenue, people remain our destination. 

What we do

Our coffee

Whether you are looking for a great coffee to brew at home, or serve the best cold brew at your cafe, we are here for YOU.  We roast weekly to ensure that we provide the highest quality coffee possible. 

We come to you

Thats right!  We have a mobile trailer and a team with the heart to serve!  Whether its a wedding, corporate event, or your grandmothers birthday, we are here for YOU!

Sit down a while

Our Heritage Village location is the perfect spot to come in and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere! We have a meeting space that comfortably seats 12, and plenty of smaller tables to dive into your next digital to do.  Make sure to reserve our meeting space to ensure availability!


"We are the type of people that support quality AND integrity. I love that I have a place to go for coffee that I don't have to wonder what my money is supporting! They have put a lot of time into finding THE BEST quality in their beans and it is proven the moment you try anything! I also love that they offer decaf in every type of drink...even chai and its the best chai I've ever had. Also their blended drinks are perfectly blended... smooth to the last drop! "Olive" Olive coffee!!"
Abby N
"I really enjoy coming to them and seeing all the smiling faces ready to make my day! On top of the awesome service from some truly wonderful people, their drinks are top notch! They bring a great balance between the classic coffee all the way to new creations one would never expect to be so delicious (lemonade with a shot of espresso). Would highly recommend anyone in the area to come check them out and experience some familiar tastes or be bold enough to try some amazing new flavors! Either way, you'll be satisfied!"
Jeremy B